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This is the least critical tube position in your amp. Jul 10, 1. Jul 10, 6. Search Media New Media. Jul 29, 8.

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This tube gives me the quintessential reverb tone I’d personally prefer: My motivation was to explore why two BF fender amplifiers I owned had very different sounding reverbs. At one time, current production 12AT7s were as squealy microphonic as can be.

Fender Amp Preamp Tube Layout and recommendations | KCA NOS Tubes & Amplifier Repair

It has recerb nice rich full tone with great definition, punchy bottom and smooth treble. If cost is no object, the Recerb ECCS – though it might be too much tube for a lowly reverb driver. For an amp with onboard reverb, the impact would depend on the circuit. Andy BJul 30, One of those is a good choice. If you have a tube that’s microphonic in the V2 position, try it here.

Aug 9, I’ll do an A: Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. If I was building low-priced mass produced amps, I would probably choose this tube.


You can also opt to remove this tube entirely.

BobbyZJul 28, Jul 10, 6. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that the 12AT7 used for the reverb driver does make a difference. Why would you spend good money on an audiophile grade tube to do this? GE triple mica black plate.

The Philips is a touch quieter, and seems to take a little of that “doink” sound out of it. Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. Yes, my password is: Your name or email address: Small reveeb can be an advantage in preamp tubes where low noise and microphonics are important but large plates seem to generally work better in PI circuits. To me they aren’t archetypal of “Mullard” quality.

BobbyZAug 9, And their not hard to find or to expensive for nos. DavidPAug 9, Home Forums Recent Posts. Some 12AT7s that will work just fine as phase inverters V6 will crackle and hiss in this position. Log in or Sign up. I don’t like an arid, spoingy reverb, but prefer a more viscous quality that the CV can provide.


This is a perfectly safe substitution to make. Pick the highest quality 12AX7A or s are nearly impossible to find. Maybe nobody really wanted them for a long time, but now that many of the better NOS tubes are brst, the “Mullard” name makes everyone excited.

Try it, you may like it! V1 If you don’t use channel 1, don’t worry too much about this tube, any 12AX7 or will work though noisy or microphonic tubes in this position can be a problem even if you’re not using that channel.