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However, unauthorized use of this company’s software for commercial purposes is prohibited. De facto , well Most go away if you tune them down. Seems that some of drivers exist but modules are not loaded automatically. Oh no, I need to do better next time!

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Avermedia m and ngene driver – Kernel Labs

April 30, at 8: Here’s the info you aavertvhd Next Post Still plugging along…. I read it can be containerized as an MKV, but then would you re-encode as H. So you have to design a more complex chip and PCB. I believe they are also doing the encoding into a compressed format. Seems to be similar to A but A includes S-Video connector. This means that they are only guaranteed to work if you use exactly the same kernel that Blackmagic supports — we’ve had all sorts of problems with them: Could you link to examples of this?

Nicely out of the box.

Using AverTVHD Duet for Mythbuntu DVR

HDMI capture devices are expensive because it really is difficult– p is a lot of bytes per second to decode, reencode, and record to permanent storage. Marioheld on June 28, What are the minimum hardware specifications for reading the ip data? In response to a new hardware project KernelLabs is starting up, we have started to take a closer look at the recently merged ngene driver.


Can you help with this problem? AVerMedia does not guarantee agertvhd all the drivers provided from this website will meet requirements of the users” current equipments or devices and in no events shall AVerMedia bear any liability, whether express, implied or stipulated by related laws and regulations.

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I’ve been searching the internet a lot lately looking for a way to get the AverTVHD Duet tv tuner working with mythbuntu. May 6, at 3: Apart from possibly needing an update to the kernel package, all of the DeckLink devices are supported by the same SDK, with only some small variations like giving the user the choice of selecting which input connector to use or similar.

Would this be because of the firmware? I would like to take the output from an HDMI source and display it on multiple displays throughout my house. So if you happen to be an owner of an m, feel free to give it a try and provide feedback in the comments! AVerMedia will keep your information and linu a backup in the Web site database.


May 3, at 2: Log in to Reply. These are slightly more niche products too, so you don’t get the economy of scale you would with something like an ARM SoC. Given the vast number of devices on Amazon that strip HDCP, and the fact that the master key was leaked many years ago, I doubt anyone that linjx act on this “illegal” activity cares anymore.

Keep in mind that I’m a Linux noob and don’t really know a whole lot. Besides the verticality of the market. I’m really happy to see stuff like acertvhd surface in the OSS world. The make and model are or near zero value, we need to know the CHIP inside.

Official driver supports neither FM nor remote control. Hopefully, things have changed since then.

And of course they aren’t upstream. While the driver basically works for DVB, it needs avertvhx ton of cleanup and has no analog support at all. June 1, at 4: